The Southern Patagonian Ice Field (Spanish: Hielo Continental or Campo de Hielo Sur), located at the Southern Patagonic Andes between Chile and Argentina, is the world's second largest contiguous extrapolar ice field. Rapid thinning of the Late Pleistocene Patagonian Ice Sheet followed migration of the Southern Westerlies. (2018). & Tweed, F.S. Lamy, F., Kaiser, J., Ninnemann, U., Hebbeln, D., Arz, H. W., & Stoner, J. See the copyright page for more information. A review of glacial and Holocene paleoclimate records from southernmost Patagonia (49-55°S). Quaternary Science Reviews, 27, 284–294. and Stokes, C.R. Paso Roballos, Argentina. This is not the first time the Patagonian ice sheet has experienced large-scale iceberg calving events. The Northern Patagonian Ice Field (Campos de Hielo Norte) is located in Chile (centered near 47°0′S 73°30′W). The modern icefields are just a fraction of their previous size, though they remain the southern hemisphere’s largest expanses of ice … [4] Rabassa, J. Below is an example of a present-day piedmont lobe glacier in Alaska. It is the smaller of two Patagonian Ice Sheets, and it is a remnant of a more extensive ice sheet that had covered much of Patagonia over a million years ago. A team of ESA scientists used the polar-ice monitoring satellite, CryoSat to determine that some of Patagonia’s glaciers are melting away faster than any of the other glaciers in the world. Rapid thinning of the late Pleistocene Patagonian ice sheet followed migration of the southern westerlies. Extensive recession of Cordillera Darwin glaciers in southernmost South America during Heinrich stadial 1. Please get in touch with the editor, Violaine Coulon. We traverse the ice cap on skis and snowshoes from East to West. Today, small remnants of the Patagonian Ice Sheet exist in the form of three main mountain icefields, these are: the Northern Patagonian Icefield (NPI; shown in the GIF below), Southern Patagonian Icefield (SPI), and the Cordillera Darwin Icefield (CDI). [10] Glasser, N.F. We focused in particular on a warm climate event called the Antarctic Warming event 1 (A1) (which took place 39.9-36.6 thousand years ago). Quaternary Science Reviews, 27, 365–390. Phased Patagonian Ice Sheet response to Southern Hemisphere atmospheric and oceanic warming between 18 and 17 ka. Glacial geomorphology of the Torres del Paine region (southern Patagonia): Implications for glaciation, deglaciation and paleolake history. Developments in Quaternary Sciences, 15, Elsevier. [21] Glasser, N.F., Jansson, K.N., Duller, G.A., Singarayer, J., Holloway, M. & Harrison, S. 2016. Geomorphology, 125, 92–108. Glaciolacustrine Landforms in Patagonia, Chile, The westerly winds and the Patagonian Ice Sheet, . 2005. How small changes can make a big difference: tipping points in Antarctica, Running a live stream of proglacial processes. 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Patagonian piedmont lobes in the Chilean Lake District. The Patagonian Ice Sheet was a large elongated and narrow ice sheet that covered all of Chile south of approximately present-day Puerto Montt during the Llanquihue glaciation.Some maps have the Patagonian Ice Sheet connected to the icecaps of the Altiplano by continuous glaciers all the way through the Andes.. Quaternary Science Reviews, 21, 233–241. A group of nuns on a day-trip bustled by on the path to the lower balcony overlooking the Perito Moreno Glacier. Geomorphology, 204, 599–616. in response to changes in global climate (i.e. The last glacial maximum and deglaciation in southern South America. Geografiska Annaler, 14, 1–164. Mon, 06/03/2019. Millennial‐scale sea surface temperature and Patagonian Ice Sheet changes off southernmost Chile (53°S) over the past ∼60 kyr M. Caniupán,1 F. Lamy,1 C. B. Lange,2 J. Kaiser,3 H. Arz,3 R. Kilian,4 O. Baeza Urrea,4 C. Aracena,5 D. Hebbeln,6 C. Kissel,7 C. Laj,7 G. Mollenhauer,1 and R. Tiedemann1 Received 22 August 2010; revised 11 June 2011; accepted 20 June 2011; published 15 September 2011. Fast-flowing outlet glaciers of the last glacial maximum Patagonian Icefield. During the global Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) around 21,000 years ago, the Patagonian Ice Sheet almost completely submerged the Patagonian Andes between around 38 to 56°S[1]. [12] Denton, G.H., Heusser, C.J., Lowel, T.V., Moreno, P.I., Andersen, B.G., Heusser, L.E., Schlühter, C. & Marchant, D.R. Dense temperate rainforests cover the western coast, whereas the eastern plains are flat, vast, and arid. One of our most advanced and exciting expeditions! Darvill, C.M. Our findings show the potential for using ice-rafted debris from high-resolution marine sediment records as a method of reconstructing how the western margin of the Patagonian ice sheet fluctuated in the past. Caniupán M. et al. By retrieving sediment cores that contain biological (such as foraminifera, diatoms, …) and lithological (for example varves and minerals) clues of past climate, climate scientists have pieced together a picture of a glacial climate system that fluctuated on millennial timescales. Antarctic timing of surface water changes off Chile and Patagonian ice sheet response. On the west side of the ice sheet, most outlet glaciers flowed into Pacific Ocean fjords (see the present-day example in the satellite image below). Recession of the North Patagonian Icefield, AD 1870 (Little Ice Age) to 2011. Irvine, Calif., June 3, 2019 – After conducting a comprehensive, seven-year survey of Patagonia, glaciologists from the University of California, Irvine and partner institutions in Argentina and Chile have concluded that the ice sheets in this vast region of South America are considerably more massive than expected.. ODP Site 1233 is one of these sediment cores which is ideally located to provide a record of these changes that affected the northern part of the Patagonian ice sheet (See Figure 1). On the eastern side of the ice sheet, outlet glaciers flowed along large valleys that emerged on the flat Argentinian plains. [11] Glasser, N.F. Quaternary glaciations of the southern Andes Quaternary Science Reviews, 9, 153–174. Welcome to the blog of the Cryospheric Sciences (CR) Division of the European Geosciences Union (EGU). The Agassiz (left) and Malaspina (right) piedmont glaciers spilling out from the Alaskan mountains on to flat coastal plains. Top: glacial lake shorelines (marked by white arrows) cut into a terminal moraine. 18,000 years ago, a vast ice sheet covered most of Chile and Argentina. Note the piedmont lobe glaciers that spilled out on to flat coastal plains, with their source areas high in the mountains. This project is developing a detailed chronology of major glacier advances in Patagonia to investigate such processes using ice sheet … However, as climate warmed after the LGM, the Patagonian Ice Sheet rapidly thinned and retreated[6,7,8,9]. A glacier of the modern South Patagonian Icefield (top right) flowing into a deep valley filled with sea water, known as a fjord (bottom left). Although most of what is today Chile was covered in ice, the Patagonian Ice Sheet did not spread as far west as the Argentine coast, or connect with the ice caps of the Altiplano. & Jansson, K. 2008. It is a pristine and dramatic landscape made up of ice, rock, glaciers and fjords. The mis3 maximum of the torres del paine and ultima esperanza ice lobes in Patagonia and the pacing of southern mountain glaciation. The evidence for past glaciations of the Patagonian Ice Sheet is preserved in the landscape in the form of landforms (such as moraines) and sediments (such as fine-grained lake sediments and coarse, poorly sorted glacial sediments). Paleoceanography 26, 1–10 (2011). We did this by counting sediment deposited by northward-drifting icebergs, known as ice rafted debris (See Figure 2). The ice sheet extended beyond the crest of the Andes into Argentina, but because … & Kaplan, M.R. Geografiska Annaler: Series A Physical Geography, 81, 107–153. & Bentley, M.J. 2002. Climate Change & Cryosphere – Glacier retreat poses new challenges in the Central Andes, Seafloor secrets: traces of the past Patagonian ice sheet. Your email address will not be published. These data are used to generate isochones of ice extent at 5 ka timeslices across the ice sheet. You can explore this together with the clues geologists use to interpret past ice-sheet presence. Quaternary Research, 63, 206–211. [25] Killan, R. & Lamy, F. 2012. Required fields are marked *, You may use these HTML tags and attributes:

. by University of California, Irvine. Home » Glacial Geology » Patagonian Ice Sheet » Patagonian Ice Sheet at the LGM. An ice sheet is a chunk of glacier ice that covers the land surrounding it and is greater than 50,000 kilometers (20,000 miles) wide. Evidence for rapid ice flow and proglacial lake evolution around the central Strait of Magellan region, southernmost Patagonia. During periods of Patagonian Ice Sheet retreat (such as after the LGM) many valleys were flooded with glacial lakes (see the shorelines photographed below, which provide evidence for these former lakes) as meltwater was trapped between terminal moraines and the receding glacier margins[15,19,20,21]. Caniupan, M, Lamy F, Lange CB, Kaiser J, Arz H, Kilian R, Urrea OB, Aracena C, Hebbeln D, Kissel C, Laj C, Mollenhauer G, Tiedemann R. 2011. [6] Hein, A.S., Hulton, N.R., Dunai, T.J., Sugden, D.E., Kaplan, M.R. Glaciers flowed along bedrock valleys (dashed lines) and fed into large, fast-flowing outlet glaciers (solid lines) that filled the widest and deepest troughs. Cambridge University Press, UK. In our previous studies (Lamy et al., 2004, Kaiser et al., 2007), we showed that the relative concentration of Fe in the continental margin sediments at Site 1233 is a faithful proxy for the bulk terrestrial input from the Andean hinterland. The International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) has set out to reveal past climate change from a marine perspective. These lakes, which in some valleys were more than 500 m deep[21], had an important role on ice dynamics, likely increasing the rate of glacier retreat through the calving of icebergs[22]. This means that, firstly, the reconstruction and dating of former ice sheet activity can be used to better understand ice sheet-climate interactions[23]. Map of the Patagonian Ice Sheet at the Last Glacial Maximum around 21,000 years ago. At the LGM, the largest outlet glaciers advanced more than 150 km east of the modern icefield limits[13]. [23] Kaplan, M.R., Fogwill, C.J., Sugden, D.E., Hulton, N.R.J., Kubik, P.W. [1] Glasser, N.F., Jansson, K.N., Harrison, S. & Kleman, J. Image: J. Bendle. Thanks to glacial depositional and erosional landforms (like moraines and large-scale lineaments) left as imprints of the old ice-sheet extent, we know that it stretched over 2000 km from 38 to 55°S. Using these isochrones, we generate palaeo ice-sheet reconstructions from 30 ka until the present day.

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